Sunday, 4 January 2009

I made mince pies

...made mince pies...

who, when, where?
Can you write a sentence about the mince pies?
Can you tell me more?


Can you write an underwater poem?

Crabs crawl patiently along the ocean floor
searching for prey.
Fish soundlessly weave their way through
slippery seaweed
Whales whisper to others as they slide
through the salty water.
And silent waves wash into a dark cave
where an octopus is sleeping.

Ode to..

Can you write an Ode to?

Look at these poems for inspiration

Ode to Apples

You’re delicious and nutritious,
and when I open you,
you show me a flower
with five seedsplanted inside.

You’re as soft as silk
and when I make pie crust
to put you in,
I gently put you down.

And it feels like I am wrapping you in a blanket.

You are healthy andgood for my body.

When I bite into you

it feels like a thousand doves swooped me up

and I was lifted to heaven.

You’re so wonderful
and make me joyful.

By Emma, 3rd grade

Ode to Chocolate

Brown and rich

Better than gold and silver

Melts in your mouth

Some dark, some not

Wonderful so wonderful

Wrapped up in its wrapper

Waiting for meOh chocolate

I love you so much.

By Addison, 3rd grade

Be a food critic

Think you have what it takes to write reviews? Are you descriptive enough? Will your review be good or bad?

Words to use:
drizzled in
melt in your mouth
Can you add to this list?

Bike Ride

What words and phrases does this picture make you think of?
Can you write an opening to an adventure story?

Lost girl

Who is lost?
Why are they lost?

Write the opening to a story about a lost girl

Use this image to help you conjure up ideas!

What words and phrases do these favourite foods make you think of?

Which one can you describe the best?
Can people identify the dish you have described?

Improve these sentences

Try to improve these sentences

  1. I went to the park.
  2. I walked to the castle.
  3. We played at the fair.
  4. I walked the dog.
  5. Mum went to the shops.
  6. I ate Christmas dinner.
  7. Josh was late for school.
  8. Maisie walked across the playground.
  9. Fred spoke to the policeman.
  10. Alex played on his PSP.