Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hello Mrs Townsley's Class

You've been working really hard - I loved your rollercoaster writing and the noun doodling your teacher sent to me. I am definitely going to be showing my class as I think your descriptive writing is fantastic and your handwriting is absolutely fabulous!

These are my favourites - if this is your work, could you get your teacher to give you a special award - in my school we get a 'Heads Special' Award and I think getting your work published on VCOP Teacher is a great achievement, well done!

Now can you work out why I like these descriptions?
Your teacher said you keep asking her "Why does she have pencils in her hair?"

A very good question - why do you think I have pencils in my hair?

I wonder if you can guess how many pencils are in my hair?
Keep Writing!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Open it by adding more detail and making it interesting

You could play this game with a friend. Tell your friend a boring sentence such as:
Tasneem went to the park.

Can they add more detail and make it more interesting?

  • Tasneem trudged angrily to the park.

If you think your friend can do better ask them to try again!

  • Long-haired Tasneem, who had a chocolate-chip ice cream, trudged angrily to the park because she had a meeting with an alien, to discuss something important.

Thanks to Tasneem for this example.

Portmanteau words

A portmanteau word is a word that has been made up of two other words. Here are some examples:
  • brash - brave/bold and rash
  • edutainment - education and entertainment

Using a dictionary, can you find two words and make up a portmanteau word? How many can you make in two minutes? Can you put them into a poem?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Thanks to Meg for this lovely adjectives poem. Can you write an adjectives poem about what you had for dinner last night?

For dinner I had chicken.
It was a golden-brown chicken.
It was a roasted, golden-brown chicken.
It was a crispy, roasted, golden-brown chicken.
It was a mouth-watering, crispy, roasted, golden-brown chicken and it was delicious!
By Meg

Thursday, 9 October 2008

It was so quiet...

I couldn't hear a sound except for pens going crazy writing at a hundred miles an hour! Can we do VCOP Teacher stuff all day miss? I think it was the fact I'd introduced them to the Chillimeter and the game show idea that made them want to write all day!

How's writing in your class? Have you used the chillimeter yet?