Friday, 25 July 2008

Connectives Game

Why not start today with a great game from Pie Corbett?
You take turns to say a line in a story which you then hand on to your partner by suggesting a connective, e.g.
Child 1: Once there was a woodcutter who
Child 2: spent many hours in the forest because
Child 1: his wife spent so much money at Marks & Spencer, he had no choice to work while

Here are some connectives for you to play with!
  • meanwhile
  • furthermore
  • however
  • nonetheless
  • alternatively
  • although
  • because
  • nevertheless
  • whereas
  • whoever
  • consequently
  • because
  • besides
  • until
  • yet
  • since
  • henceforward

(If your teacher hasn't got the following book then nag her until she buys it - Jumpstart ISBN 1-84312-102-6)
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