Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hello Mrs Townsley's Class

You've been working really hard - I loved your rollercoaster writing and the noun doodling your teacher sent to me. I am definitely going to be showing my class as I think your descriptive writing is fantastic and your handwriting is absolutely fabulous!

These are my favourites - if this is your work, could you get your teacher to give you a special award - in my school we get a 'Heads Special' Award and I think getting your work published on VCOP Teacher is a great achievement, well done!

Now can you work out why I like these descriptions?
Your teacher said you keep asking her "Why does she have pencils in her hair?"

A very good question - why do you think I have pencils in my hair?

I wonder if you can guess how many pencils are in my hair?
Keep Writing!

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